• Image of Lifeweavings #3 (2014). Original Art Quilt. 59"x 45". Rayon on cotton.
  • Image of Lifeweavings #3 (2014). Original Art Quilt. 59"x 45". Rayon on cotton.

Bits and pieces of our lives are woven together in each stage of our lives to complete our Life's story across time, or a "Lifeweaving". As we deal with challenges and happenings, strengths may be gained to aid us in the future!

The 9 Stages of Life, as described by Erik and Joan Erickson, is represented in this wall-hanging~~different colors of fabric strips were handwoven through a base of black (life's challenges and happenings), as I contemplated the strengths I may have gained during each time of life...from Infancy (the light blue row) through Very Old Age (the gold row at the top). The strengths people can gain during each stage was "written" in thread by free-motion quilting as follows:
Infancy (light blue) ~ Hope & Trust...0-1.
Todderhood (orange)~ Will & Confidence...1-3.
Pre-Schooler (green)~ Purpose & Success...3-5.
School-age (yellow)~ Competence & Imagination...6-9.
Adolescent (blue)~ Exploration, Identity, Fidelity...10-20.
Young Adult (red)~ Love, Relationship, Intimacy...20s & 30s.
Middle-age Adult (purple)~ Care, Generativity, Work...40s & 50s.
Older Adult (silver)~ Wisdom, Satisfaction, Integrity...60s, 70s, - 85.
Very Old Age (gold)~ Faith, Gerotranscendence, Trust...85-100+.

This art quilt is part of the "Transitions" series and was pieced by hand-weaving strips of fabric to compose each stage. Afterward the weaving was stitched together with colorful rayon threads. The words were added by free-motion quilting and thread-sketching, to add layers of meaning.

A hanging sleeve is added to the back for displaying. As a Free Bonus gift, a small slat with two holes is included (Can be hung with 2 pins or small nails~not included). Professional framers, experienced with preserving and displaying textiles, can be helpful with these and other ideas for installations.

Hang this meaningful piece in your professional office or a special place in your home! A colorful reminder of our Life's journey through out Time!

*Also available as an Open Edition Art Print ~ See in Shop under "Art Prints".