• Image of Lifeweavings #3 (2014). Signed & Matted Art Print, 8 1/2" x 11". (Signed Print Only also available.)

Bits and pieces of our lives are woven together in each stage of our lives to complete our Life's story across time, or a "Lifeweaving". As we deal with challenges and happenings, strengths may be gained to aid us in the future!

This is an Open Edition archival Art Print of the original, "Lifeweavings #3" (2014), from the series, "Transitions". The 9 Stages of Life, as described by Erik and Joan Erickson, is represented in this wall-hanging~~Colored fabric strips were handwoven with black (representing our lives challenges and happenings) and the strengths that may be gained in each stage were "written" by free-motion quilting. The 9 stages include:
Infancy (light blue) ~ Hope & Trust...0-1.
Todderhood (orange)~ Will & Confidence...1-3.
Pre-Schooler (green)~ Purpose & Success...3-5.
School-age (yellow)~ Competence & Imagination...6-9.
Adolescent (blue)~ Exploration, Identity, Fidelity...10-20.
Young Adult (red)~ Love, Relationship, Intimacy...20s & 30s.
Middle-age Adult (purple)~ Care, Generativity, Work...40s & 50s.
Older Adult (silver)~ Wisdom, Satisfaction, Integrity...60s, 70s, - 85.
Very Old Age (gold)~ Faith, Gerotranscendence, Trust...85-100+.

An inspirational, colorful archival Art Print of the original art quilt...This print is created in the studio by the artist on 8 1/2" x 11" Canon Pro Lustre paper, using archival pigment inks from a Canon Pro-10 printer, for a wonderful long-lasting image! The image is printed with white borders (the square image is centered and size is smaller than 8 1/2" x 11"), and the print signed ~title of image, artist's name, and date of print~ with an archival, gray pigment ink pen. Each art print has an acid free, 3/16" foam-board backing and is matted with a high quality, 11" x 14", 4Ply Bainbridge Artcare Alphamat mat board, using conservation methods and materials. This will allow you, and others, to enjoy and preserve this art for many years to come!

This matted, ready-to-frame art print will be shipped in a protective clear bag in a sturdy stay flat mailer by USPS. (Frame .5" rabbet depth suggested.) Unmatted, signed art prints are also available, $35.