• Image of Lifeweavings #3 (2014). Signed & Matted, Art Print, 8 1/2" x 11". (Unmatted print also available.)

Bits and pieces of our lives are woven together in each stage of our lives to complete our Life's story across time, or a "Lifeweaving". As we deal with challenges and happenings, strengths may be gained to aid us in the future!

This is an Open Edition, Archival Art Print of the original, "Lifeweavings #3" (2014), from the series, "Transitions".
The 9 Stages of Life, as described by Erik and Joan Erickson, is represented in this wall-hanging~~Colored fabric strips were handwoven with black (representing our lives challenges and happenings) and the strengths that may be gained in each stage were "written" by free-motion quilting. The 9 stages include:
Infancy (light blue) ~ Hope & Trust...0-1.
Todderhood (orange)~ Will & Confidence...1-3.
Pre-Schooler (green)~ Purpose & Success...3-5.
School-age (yellow)~ Competence & Imagination...6-9.
Adolescent (blue)~ Exploration, Identity, Fidelity...10-20.
Young Adult (red)~ Love, Relationship, Intimacy...20s & 30s.
Middle-age Adult (purple)~ Care, Generativity, Work...40s & 50s.
Older Adult (silver)~ Wisdom, Satisfaction, Integrity...60s, 70s, - 85.
Very Old Age (gold)~ Faith, Gerotranscendence, Trust...85-100+.

An inspirational, colorful archival Art Print of the original art quilt...
*Created individually in studio Artist on 8 1/2" x 11" Canon Pro Lustre paper, using archival pigment inks from a Canon Pro-10 printer, for a wonderful long-lasting image!

*Image is printed with white borders for mounting & framing (the square image is centered and size is smaller than 8 1/2" x 11"), and Print signed ~title of image, artist's name, and date of print~ with an archival, gray pigment ink pen.

*Art print has an acid free, 3/16" foam-board backing...Matted with a high quality, 11" x 14", 4-Ply Bainbridge Artcare Alphamat mat board, using conservation methods and materials. This will allow you, and others, to enjoy and preserve this art for many years to come!

*Matted, ready-to-frame Art Print will be shipped in a protective clear bag in a sturdy stay flat mailer by USPS. (Frame .5" rabbet depth suggested.) Unmatted, Signed Art Prints are also available. ($35)